Thinking of investing in property? Confused about how to get started or who to listen to? Then read on.

Discover the 5 Golden Rules You Need to Follow to Generate a $60,000 Per Year Passive Income from Property – And Escape Australia’s ‘Retirement Apocalypse’

At this completely free 1-day workshop, property educator and multi-millionaire Ray Behan reveals how any new investor can go from zero to financially free in the next 10 years and get away from that 9 to 5 grind sooner than most, starting now

Dear friend,

If you’re thinking of investing in property to build long-term wealth and fund your retirement, congratulations.

You’re one of the smart ones.

According to a recent study by Fortune Magazine, “97% of all wealth is either created or held in property.”

What does that mean?

It means that property is the #1 investment vehicle in the world, and the smartest, wealthiest people on Earth consistently choose to invest in it.

In short, it’s the quickest and safest route to financial freedom.

But you already know this, right?

The problem you have is HOW to do it.

So if you’ve already decided that property investment is for you, but you’re unsure about how to get started…

If you’re confused about which property strategy you should be using (property development, sub-division, apartments, buy and hold, etc.)…

If you have questions you’d like answered by an expert, without having to make any kind of financial commitment…

If you’re keen to avoid the most common mistakes that 95% of new investors make…

If you’re uncertain about who to turn to for advice, and who you can trust…

And if you’re looking for a seasoned property investor – who has been investing in Australian property for almost 20 years and has become a multi-millionaire as a result – to sit down with you and tell you what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing…

Then you’re in exactly the right place!

On this page, you’re going to discover a set of 5 golden rules to follow if you want to become wealthy from property and retire financially free sooner than you ever thought possible (which you can read in just a second).

But better than that,by landing on this page today, you have a rare opportunity to reserve your ticket to a very special property investing training day, where Australia’s leading property educator and multi-millionaire, Ray Behan, will show you exactly how it’s done.

And the best part is, it won’t cost you a single penny.


The Wealth and Property Goldmine

In this completely FREE 5-hour workshop, you will discover a fool-proof plan for creating your very own high-growth, cash-rich property portfolio, so you can build wealth and fund your retirement.

But more importantly, by the end of this information-packed workshop, you will be in a state of absolute certainty about how to get started, which strategy to use, what areas to target, and which properties you should (and shouldn’t) be investing in.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover at The Wealth & Property Goldmine.


Why you don’t need 30, 20 or even 10 properties to build wealth. You can achieve financial freedom with just 4 … It’s all about picking the right ones – and I’ll show you how it’s done.


How to uncover the next boom suburbs, get in there first– and then watch on with a huge smile on your face as everyone else rushes in, pushing prices sky high.


1 dead-simple property deal you can make for no money down, and profit a cool $30k each and every time


Why only 4% of properties are capable of giving you the returns you need to achieve financial freedom. This is why most investors fail, but in this workshop, you’ll be shown exactly what those cash-rich properties are, and where to find them.


How to master the mindset of a property millionaire by eliminating the fears that hold 99% of investors back. Crack the ‘wealth code’ and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamed of


The only type of property you should buy – and the ones you should avoid at all costs


How a crippling lack of supply means houses in certain (very specific) areas are set to soar in value in the next 10 years – and how you can jump in before it happens!


The exact strategy you should be using depending on your age, finances and goals (get this right and you could retire years earlier than planned!)


How to quickly eliminate all of your debt, including your mortgage, car loan, credit cards and personal loans


A sneaky way to check out the merits of a potential deal without paying a cent (I’ll show you how to access thousands of dollars’ worth of property research, totally free)


Why your age, qualifications, or background mean nothing when it comes to creating wealth


Why your financial situation is never, ever as bad as you think, and how you can turn it around quickly – critical information if you’re living pay-cheque to pay-cheque


The real reason you see people come out of nowhere and suddenly own multi-million dollar portfolios. They’re not lucky, they followed a system. Read on to discover how you could be next

Who is it for?

This FREE 5 hour workshop takes place in Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Melbourne, and is perfect for …


Those smart enough to realize that a superannuation or pension is nowhere near enough to rely on in retirement


Super-ambitious people wanting to amass enormous wealth in the next decade


Anyone who simply wants to retire early and do whatever they choose out of inspiration, not desperation


Anyone who wants to build wealth from property, but is confused or unsure about the best way to do it

At the end of The Wealth & Property Goldmine, there will be…

NO confusion and uncertainty about how to get started (you’ll be handed a proven, fool-proof plan to move forward with)

NO wasted time, effort and money trying to figure things out for yourself (that could take years)

NO blowing your savings on ‘dud’ properties that produce zero returns (or even worse, massive losses)

Instead, you will discover everything you need to know to dramatically increase your wealth from property, so you can retire any time you want, without relying on anyone else ever again – and you can claim your FREE ticket today.

There’s nothing to lose – so why not grab your spot, risk-free, while you still can, and find out how YOU can start generating a $60,000 per year retirement income from property.

Meet Your Speaker

Hi, my name’s Ray Behan, and before I discovered how to build wealth from property,I was an electrician, struggling to make ends meet in Ireland.

I loved my job, but it was a hard slog.

I wanted something more.

I wanted something better

So I did something crazy.

I packed my bags and left for Australia at the age of just 24.

But not before I attended a property investment workshop very similar to this one – where I met a man who took me aside and showed me how the rich do it.

So when I hit Australian soil in 1989, with no qualifications and no job, I went to work finding very ‘particular’ types of property which delivered huge growth and heaps of cashflow.

In just 5 years, I’d become a multi-millionaire- and I was set up for life.

And I’m absolutely convinced there’s no better time for you to copy what I did – and I’ll explain why in just a moment.

If you’d like to discover my step-by-step 60k per year property blueprint that will allow you to amass significant wealth in the next 10 years and set you up for life, then go ahead and reserve your spot at The Wealth and Property Goldmine now – before all the places are filled.


In just a moment, I’m going to reveal the 5 golden rules you need to follow if you want to generate a $60,000 per year passive income from property.

But before I do, let me explain why it’s necessary.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 95% of retirees never become financially independent. That is, they rely on the pension, their superannuation and on handouts.

Even worse, the poor decisions most new-retirees make mean most will struggle financially within months of finishing work.

Make the wrong choices and you’ll be shocked how fast a lifetime of hard work can evaporate and leave you FLAT BROKE.

So how much money do you need?

Recent studies suggest that the average Australian needs $56,236 a year for a ‘comfortable’ retirement.

If you have an existing plan to accumulate that amount of money every year after you retire, then congratulations, you’re all set to join the 5% of retired Australians who can call themselves ‘financially free’.

If you don’t, then you’re one of the 95% who will be burning though their pension and Super within months of retiring, which will plunge you into deep financial trouble.

But here’s the good news.

You’re about to discover 5 simple wealth rules which will help you generate at least $60,000 a year in passive income, so you can enjoy a lifestyle in retirement that most people never get to experience.

But before I reveal them, let me paint you a picture of what your life COULD be like once you put these 5 rules into action and follow my plan.


You will own 4 investment properties, providing you with a passive income of $60,000 a year, every year, for 25 years or more during retirement (imagine the lifestyle you will have on that income with everything paid off!). Forget what other people tell you. You don’t need 10, 20 properties or more to retire wealthy. When you invest PROPERLY – you only need a small portfolio. You’ll see why in a second.


You will get to retire early and choose to do whatever you want. Retirement doesn’t happen at 65. It happens when you work out of inspiration, not desperation. It’s when you’re financially stable enough to choose to work or not. You can spend time with your kids, work for your favourite charity or even do up an old classic car. That’s what freedom gives you.


You can pack your bags and take an overseas holiday whenever you want. And I’m not talking about cheap packages in Bali. You’ll drift between coffee shops in Vienna, dine in famous bistros in Paris and celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square. And that’s just a start.

Can you imagine this kind of lifestyle? I used to dream about it. Never thought I’d get it mind you.

But I did – and you can too.

In fact, anyone can do this – and it’s much easier than you think.

You just need to cut through all the confusion and misinformation that’s out there – and get started on the right footing, and with the RIGHT PLAN.

The Hinchcliffes from Melbourne are a perfect example of how to do it. This conservative couple wanted to secure an early retirement, but were scared of getting it wrong. With my help they secured a $1,000,000 portfolio within 3 years and it’ll hit $1,600,000 allowing them to retire comfortably.

And you can too, because I’m going to give you the exact steps you need to copy the Hinchcliffes – and hundreds more just like them -at The Wealth and Property Goldmine

Then the ball’s in your court as to how much wealth and prosperity you create.

First though, I’m busting to reveal the 5 Wealth Rules.

Then you can make up your own mind if I know what I’m talking about.

Remember, I don’t teach this for a living. Most of my wealth comes from property, not teaching. So if you choose not to believe my rules work then it doesn’t make any difference to me.

So here are the 5 rules you need to follow if want to become truly wealthy…

Wealth Secret #1: Create Wealth Before You Retire

First, I want to tell you what retirement means to me, and what it should mean to you.

Retirement doesn’t mean being forced out at 65. It means working out of inspiration, not desperation. The day you don’t need your pay-cheque to live is the day you’ve retired.

Me? I retired at 24. And I’ve never been busier. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ll be the same when you can do something out of passion rather than because you need the money.

Most people dream about the day they finish work for good. Problem is, 4 out of every 5 retirees will literally run out of money.

You see, when most people get their hands on their super the first thing they do is pay off their home loan. Then their car loan, their credit card and any other personal loans.

Next it’s time for the dream holiday overseas, or a caravan and new car to tow it.

Most people tear through so much super that within 6 months their retirement nest-egg is virtually worthless.

According to Global AgeWatch, Australia is ranked just 17th for how we treat our seniors. And a shocking 62nd for income security.

More appalling though is that one third of Australian retirees live below the poverty line. And if you’re not getting ready for retirement now you’re heading for a catastrophic financial disaster.

Worse still, 2 out of every 5 people are forced into early retirement because of injuries, sickness and forced layoffs.

What’s life like on the pension? Well for a start it’s around $397 a week. And that’s assuming the government don’t claim your house is worth too much, or toughen the laws … again. (They wouldn’t do that, would they?)

Try paying your bills, your mortgage, your car loan, forking out for food, petrol, insurance, medical bills, maintaining your house, putting clothes on your back and buying presents for your grandkids on that!

No way. The Australian Superannuation Fund Association (ASFA) says retirees need at least $56,236 a year for a comfortable retirement. That’s just over $1,000 a week.

This gets you a couple of overseas holidays a year, a new car every 5 years, paying all your bills on time, eating well and keeping your house well maintained. Plus spoiling the grandkids and eating out whenever the hell you feel like it.

Most retirees tell me how gutted they feel walking past a coffee shop and not even having a few dollars to walk in. They tell me about going to 3 different supermarkets chasing specials.

They can even tell you how many cups of tea you can get out of a single tea bag. That’s why the golden rule is

Do not take a paycut when you retire

So first of all, all your debt – mortgage, car loan, credit cards and personal loans have to be wiped out before you retire.

And second, you need at least $1.6 million in unencumbered property. Sound like a lot? Actually it’s not, and at the Wealth and Property Goldmine workshop I’ll show you how simple it is to get.

Wealth Secret #2: Build a Portfolio of Appreciating Real Estate Assets Which Cost You Nothing To Own

Everyone tells you to create wealth through property, right? And there’s heaps of ways of doing that. However there’s no ‘one right way’ to retire faster. Your first step is to plan out a course of action which suits you best.

Listen: There’s plenty of pretenders out there claiming they’ve got the ‘golden plan’ to creating wealth. That’s plain dumb. What works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa.

For example if you’re on a lower income you might have to start with a cashflow positive property. On the other hand if you’re already on a good wicket you might negatively gear.

What’s important is you know the pros and cons of each. And you work towards the ultimate goal of your portfolio putting money in your pocket, not ripping it out.

To retire comfortably you just need 4 high quality properties and hold them for at least one property cycle of 7 – 10 years.

Of course that’s conservative, and enough to retire comfortably. The reality is this plan can be used to grow wealthy as quickly as you desire.

And when you do it the way I’m going to show you at the Wealth and Property Goldmine workshop it becomes easier and easier with each property you buy … not harder.

So what is one property cycle? It’s where property goes through from one boom right to the next. And typically prices double when this happens.

Here are the stats. You’ll see that the average cycle is 8 years, however we always look closer to 10 years to be conservative.

The most important thing here is prices keep going up and up.

Here’s some of the things I’m going to reveal to you at the Wealth and Property Goldmine:


Why you don’t need a crazy 30 properties or more to be wealthy. That’s stupid. Truth is, you can be well off with just 4 properties … as long as you get the right ones that is


How to uncover the next boom suburbs before mainstream investors … so you can get set before they surge in late and push prices sky high


The $107 billion infrastructure spending spree which is going to double the population of a certain suburb and push prices sky high


How to safely get the $1.6 million you need and retire on almost $60,000 a year at lightning fast pace


The only type of property you should buy – and the ones you should avoid at all costs


A special way to structure your deals so you make more money on the same house than other investors would – imagine having an advantage like this!


The deadly secret which will have you avoiding units and apartments like the plague


A non-traditional way of investing which sets you up for super-profits with almost no risk


A sneaky way to check out a potential deal without paying a cent – thousands of dollars worth of research – totally free


And a dead-simple property deal you can make for no money down, and profit a cool $30k each time

And if you’re struggling to get into the market there’s special reason to be here.

I created a bullet-proof legal structure which puts virtually anyone into their first property immediately. If you’re locked out of the market now, this could be the answer.

By the way this is my own invention, it’s completely legally sound and no-one else is teaching this. If you want to start right now you have to be in the room to hear about it.

Plus undeniable proof about Australia’s crippling property shortage, and why this makes investing in housing a goldmine.

As of today Australia needs 240,000 more houses to keep up with demand. And this is tipped to surge to 640,000 in the next 20 years. This crippling lack of supply means houses in popular areas will shoot through the roof.

I’ll also show you why only 4.5% of properties available for sale are investor-friendly. You’ll discover exactly my 19 point checklist to sort the profit-magnets from the lemons.

Here’s a few things you’ll discover about picking high profit investments.


How to know with absolute certainty whether a new estate will hold it’s value or turn into a wasteland full of dead-beat tenants before it’s even built . You don’t want to get this wrong


Why the best way to catch fish is to think like a fish, not like a fisherman – and how this odd rule gives you a unique insight into picking the best properties


What predicted population growth you must be looking for – if it’s not there it’s ‘no deal’


What infrastructure needs to be going in over the next 10 years … and how to find out in 10 minutes


Why even the geography of your site is critical – heights, slopes and undulations can make or break a deal


And how to choose your builder – if they don’t meet this strict criteria then the deal’s off

Plus how to use your superannuation to create serious wealth. Superannuation returns in Australia are pathetic, so why put up with it when you can buy property and enjoy massive returns and incredible financial security. It’s quite a list, isn’t it? And that’s just scratching the surface. You’ll leave the event knowing exactly where to buy, what to buy and how to get rich with high growth, positively geared property.

Wealth Secret #3: You Must Have A Millionaire’s Mindset

Why is it that Credit Suisse rank Australians as the world’s second wealthiest people … yet one in three end up living in poverty in retirement?

It’s because we lack the belief in ourselves to take control of our destinies. Any Australian … yes any Australian can become rich, yet so few actually do.

Listen, you can achieve anything you want in life – more wealth, more peace of mind, more inspiration, and more opportunities with just one little word.

That word is … certainty.

When you are absolutely dead-certain your goals in life are going to happen, how will that make you feel?

Pretty darn confident I’ll bet.

Your New Millionaire’s Mindset Will Unlock Incredible Wealth

Your millionaire’s mindset creates astonishing wealth almost at will. However without it, every attempt you make at becoming wealthy will end in ruin.

Let me explain…

Everyone accepts and embraces things which are consistent with how we see ourselves. If you see yourself as a struggler then guess what? You’ll always struggle.

However, when you see yourself as a millionaire you’ll attract money into your life. There is more than enough money and wealth in the world. People go from rags to riches every day. And it’s all because of the mindset they chose to adopt.

The sad tale of Mike Tyson:

Even though he had $460,000,000 in his bank account, Champion boxer Mike Tyson was still poor.

Despite his immense wealth, Tyson still saw himself as the poor kid from the other side of the tracks.

His mind created this reality in his life. His poverty mindset rejected the money and before long he was flat broke. A few years later you could hire him for your event for a miserable $2,000 a day.

You must have a millionaire’s mindset before your millions flow to you

I arrived in Perth with a massive dream – to become wealthy and live an amazing life. And in a short time I became a property millionaire and quit my 9 – 5 job. I was lucky. A wealthy friend in Ireland helped me create a millionaire mindset before I left.

Armed only with this mindset within a few months I had a job, my first investment property and did my first sub-division.

At the Wealth and Property Goldmine workshop I’m sharing the very same mindset technique which started my journey to astonishing wealth.

Here are a few of the things which will attract wealth and money into your life.


The hidden fears which really hold investors like you back, and how to shrink your fears from the size of an elephant to the size a mouse


Why your age, qualifications or background mean nothing when it comes to creating wealthlook at me … I arrived here as a young man without a job or any education, yet I retired a millionaire a few years later. If I can, what’s your excuse?


Why mindset is the reason most investors only ever get 1 property, and never reach the potential they’re so capable of


Why being shy or introverted has nothing to do with creating wealth. I’ve turned some of the quietest people you could ever meet into millionaires


Why your financial situation is never, ever as bad as you think, and how you can turn it around quickly – critical information if you’re living pay-cheque to pay-cheque


The real reason most people dream of investing in property but never get started


The real reason most people who invest never get more than one property (even though they could easily own the 4 they need to achieve total financial freedom)


The real reason you see people come out of nowhere and suddenly own multi-million dollar portfolios. It’s like they have the Midas Touch, and everything they touch turns to gold. You’re about to become one of them

I’m also taking you through a life-changing exercise which shows you where you are financially, and where you wish you could be. Then I’ll show you how your dream can become a certain reality.

By the way,you will not be asked to share any personal information with strangers. This exercise is purely about you and you will only ever work alone or with your loved one.

Wealth Secret #4: You Need Your Own Dream-Team To Do The Hard Work For You

I’ll be blunt for a second. One of the B.S. reasons people give me for not being wealthy is it’s too hard and they don’t have the time.

Fact is they try and do it all themselves, then it gets all too hard and they just give up.

Sound familiar?

Listen, you can’t afford to let this happen. Its just too damned important. That’s why you need an expert team around you to get you the money you need, set you up to make more profit and pay less tax, and find brilliant properties at great prices.

At the Wealth and Property Goldmine you’ll meet 4 of the sharpest investing minds in Australia.

They’ll reveal exactly how to build your own dream-team.People who include:

A kick-arse accountant. Pardon the language, but most accountants are scared stiff of the tax office. If you get one of these lousy ones you won’t get you half the deductions you should.

You need someone on your side. Someone prepared to find every single deduction and find new ways to make you even more money.

A blood-hound mortgage broker. Listen, most brokers say they compare hundreds of loans. Truth is they’ll probably push you to the product they know best,and which gives them the highest commission. Who says this is the best deal for you though?

A great broker is like a blood hound, searching every deal to get you more money at a better rate. Better still, they’ll create a long-term finance plan with you so you never run out of money ever again.

At the workshop, we’ll arrange for you to meet Fab Maestro who has written over $1 billion in loans for his clients. Fab is so sharp he recently found $500 a month for someone at one of our workshops, which was all it took to get her into her first investment property.

A strategic-thinking financial planner. One reason people fail financially is they lack a well thought out plan.

Your financial planner should help you protect the wealth you create. And steer you around the complex government investing rules, asset protection and tax.

At the workshop you’ll meet Nik Lal and Conrad Francis who literally find money you never knew you had, just by changing the way you handle your money.

And they’ll show you how to keep the grubby fingers of lawsuit happy scumbags off your prized assets.

A real-estate alchemist who turns dirt into dollars. As you now know, only 4.5% of the houses for sale at any time make great investments. And in one of the world’s largest countries, it’s almost impossible for you to know where to find them, and which houses are the best ones.

Most agents only know their local area, so they’re hopeless at creating wealth. You need an agent on your team who sources the best properties at any time, right around the country.

Rob Glasgow is our go-to agent. He’s utterly obsessed with property, and he smells a hot deal like a shark smells blood. And he can tell you exactly where to invest today so you get in BEFORE everyone else wakes up and drives the prices sky-high.

Having these people around you accelerates your wealth out of this world. Your team will drive you forward, showing you how to use your money to create assets and wealth faster than you could imagine.

Wealth Secret #5:Putting it all together with a MASTER PLAN which turns you into a wealth accumulation machine

You undoubtedly know by now whether you should be attending the Wealth and Property Goldmine Workshop. The first 4 wealth secrets are all proven to create wealth safely and reliably.

It’s an ultra-conservative plan for creating total financial freedom within the next 10 years.

However it’s not just a case of applying bits and pieces here and there. True wealth comes when you create a wealth accumulation machine.

That’s what the 5th secret is. Putting all the pieces together into a cohesive plan and taking massive action.

Just one or two of these wealth secrets means building a bit of wealth. However with all 4 wealth secrets working together you can accumulate wealth at an astonishing rate.

Remember, this is what I did to retire in only a few years … and I started with nothing.

You now need to sit down and create a plan where you …

1. Transform your mindset into the mindset of a millionaire

2. Retire all your debt, including the mortgage on the house you live in, your car loan, any credit cards and any personal loans

3. Assemble a team of experts around you who understand property including an accountant, a financial planner, a mortgage broker and a real estate agent. Remember, most people in these professions are not property and wealth experts so be careful who you choose.

4. Invest in high growth, positively geared properties which are set to double within the next 6 – 8 years

If you’re ambitious you can use this plan to become wealthy much, much faster

And this is where the Wealth and Property Goldmine is different to other events.

First, it is NOT some get-rich-quick seminar. If that’s your goal then please stay at home. It’s about creating the platform for accumulating wealth over time.

What’s more I don’t just tell you how to do it then usher you out the door. I give you a complete step-by-step master plan that sets everything out in simple English.

And you also get a workbook which you fill in to act as your action-plan to creating financial freedom. It takes you through the process so you walk away knowing exactly where you want to be in 7, 10 and 20 years’ time. And the steps you need to take to get there.

You won’t leave scratching your head wondering “Where the hell do I start?”. You’ll walk out knowing exactly what to do next. Won’t that feel great?

And the best part is, if you’re quick it won’t cost you a cent to attend

I start every day thinking about the things I’m grateful for, and how I can give something back.

There’s an abundant amount of money, wealth and friendship in the world. And I’m always grateful for the life I lead.

So I decided to run this workshop as a way of giving back. And by holding it in smaller venues, without any fanfare or big-name guest speakers I can make it entirely free to attend.

Of course, an event like this is not for everyone.

Most people don’t genuinely want to be rich.

Most people are oblivious to the tough life they’re hurtling towards in retirement.

Most people aren’t prepared to take action, even small steps like attending a short workshop to turn their dreams into reality.

Only people with a genuine passion to become wealthy and to savour all life has to offer will come.

And that’s perfect. I only want people like you here. People with a passion for creating a new life for themselves.

Here’s the thing though. I’m giving away a vast amount of information in this 5 hour workshop. I could take things at a slow, pedestrian rate but we wouldn’t get through everything, OK?

So I have one small favour to ask you

The wealth accumulation system I’m taking you through is almost certainly the most effective in the country. People have started with nothing, and within a few years were living the most incredible, abundant and wealth-filled lives they could ever imagine.

Peter from South Perth for example had been an investor for years but wasn’t making much money. Here’s what he told me.

“I have had investment properties before, but they were not giving me the growth I needed. But with Ray’s help I have great properties in high performing areas and the growth is far better than I could have anticipated. Listen to Ray’s team. They know what they are doing.”

Peter F - South Perth

Steve from Victoria couldn’t even convince the banks to give him a loan. After attending one of my workshops he secured finance for his first two properties in high growth areas.

And Lyn from Melbourne told me she never thought she’d get into the market. Here’s what she told me:

“I never thought I could get into property, but I followed Ray’s strategies and I’m onto my first investment property. Thanks Ray”

Lyn S, Melbourne

What you learn will change your life forever, as it has for so many others.

So I figured, why just give you some of the information when I can give you the whole enchilada?

I’ve compressed the day’s schedule together so you get 8 hours’ worth of life-changing education in just 5 hours. So please, don’t look at this as some sort of “day off”.

This will be the most intense five hours of your life, and you must be prepared to take pages and pages of notes.

You can rest assured the information will come thick and fast. And it’s my experience that by revealing so much I might just answer a burning question that was holding you back. Or give you the missing piece of the puzzle that other educators missed out on.

So bring plenty of pens and paper, and make sure you’re here wide awake and all fired up, at least 10 minutes early.

Book Immediately and I’ll Give You These Incredible Bonuses

I believe in rewarding action takers. So if you’re one of the first 20 to reserve your place I’ll give you these 3 amazing gifts.

Fast Action Bonus #1. 3 Things Millionaires Know That You Don’t

VALUE: $47

We’ve been brainwashed since grade prep on how the world works.

Fact is, most of what we learnt about money at school was dead wrong.

So forget the conventional rules which keep you poor, this book reveals exactly how the mega-rich use money to their advantage and grow their wealth at an astonishing rate.

These aren’t just rules for the rich. Anyone, no matter how rich or poor can use these rules to create astonishing wealth too.

Fast Action Bonus #2. A Free 15 Minute Money Session With Our Wealth Creation Team Experts

VALUE: $147

This is absolutely unique to this event. And one reason this workshop is the most comprehensive, powerful training event you’ll ever be at.

We have a crack team of the finest, most sophisticated financial planners, mortgage brokers and buyers agents in the country with us.

And they will spend time with you, one on one during the event; after the event or the next day. Whatever suits you.

At this ground-breaking appointment they’ll show you ways to accelerate your growth without taking unnecessary risks. And give you simple strategies to get into your first … or next … investment property right away.

Fast Action Bonus #3. Two Extended Coaching Sessions Personally With Me – Ray Behan

VALUE: $695

This is something else unique to the Wealth and Property Goldmine. At the end of the event we’ll book in 2 special coaching sessions together. You and me.

During your sessions you’ll get clarity on your investing plan, ask all the questions you have and confirm your next steps.

This means not only do you get a full investing plan during the workshop, I’ll also be a part of your team to help you implement it.

That’s an additional $889 worth of value – yours free just for being decisive and acting quickly

Additional Bonus: You’ll rub shoulders with other people whose lives have dramatically improved by using my investing strategies

One of the reasons I love running this workshop is to re-connect with people I’ve taught in the past. Many people come back for a tune-up, to get new ideas or simply to refresh their learning.

Which means the room will be full of people I’m working with right now. Some are just starting out, many are well on their way and a number have become wealthy already.

I encourage you to seek them out and ask how property investing has impacted their lives. They’ll be very willing to share their experiences with you because they also know how important it is to share and give back.

And if you’re still sceptical I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

When you attend, I guarantee you’ll learn more than any other event you’ve ever been to. And you’ll walk away knowing exactly what to do next, ready to start.

In the unlikely event you don’t 110% believe this is the best property event you’ve ever attended, come and see me and I’ll put my hand in my pocket and give you $50 for your time.

That’s how confident I am. But really I don’t have anything to worry about, because I’ve made sure this workshop blows any other event you’ve ever attended out of the water.

The way I see it you have 3 choices.

First, you can ignore the upcoming retirement catastrophe. You can remain oblivious to the impending financial disaster which is set to hit almost all retirees. And you can just deal with the consequences when it happens. If I know you, this probably isn’t what you want.

Second, you can try and figure this all out on your own. Go to a dozen seminars, sign up to expensive courses, go read dozens of books and see how that works for you. Time is the critical thing here. You need to invest through a full property cycle of 7-10 years to achieve financial freedom. The longer you delay the more wealth slips through your fingers. I’m sure you’re an action-taker, not a procrastinator,and you understand why this isn’t an option.

Third, you can join me and a room full of other millionaires-in-waiting for 5 intense hours of property education where you’ll discover how to easily turn yourself into a wealth accumulation machine.

I look forward to getting your wealth journey started. Yours truly,

Ray Behan

P.S. Where will you be 30 days from now if you decide NOT to attend? Probably driving through expensive neighbourhoods wishing you could live there. Perhaps watching travel shows with envy instead of excitement. Maybe waking up dreading having to go to work, and hating that you’re not doing anything to change it. It doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone dreams of being wealthy, but only a small number of people actually do anything about it. If you want to change the circumstances of your life then you have to take action.

P.P.S. This workshop is only being run in small venues so I expect them to fill up extremely quickly. That’s the way I like it. I only want committed, action-takers in the room anyway. If you’re the kind of person who makes quick, decisive decisions and you secure a seat then you’re the kind of person who deserves to be here.

P.P.P.S. The best way to attend this workshop is as a couple. Becoming wealthy is something you need to do together. You both need to understand the plan and action it together. For this reason if you have a husband or wife, a fiancée or partner please reserve two seats, not one.



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To Be Announced

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